Transition in Practice Toolkit

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The Transition in Practice website has been created by the Dutch Competence Centre for Transitions and the Knowledge Network on System Innovations and Transitions as a tool for anyone involved in efforts to make the transition to sustainable development. Because radical changes are on the way if we are to address the problems inherent to our existing systems of mobility, food production, water management, spatial planning, care or energy supplies. It will take more than new technology and new rules to solve those problems. Sustainable development calls for a new mindset and new ways of doing things, as well as different structures and a change of culture. They refer to this transformation as a transition, or system innovation.

Practical tips

The site contains a set of practical tips on how to realise a transition. They are based on the experience of professionals in the field of transitions and on scientific research (seeĀ ‘About transitions’). You will find tips on how to prepare a transition programme, to adapt it in a dynamic environment and to realise the societal embedding of system innovations, all of which are milestones on the path to sustainable development.


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