Transformative Change in Japan

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In this insightful and brief article Bob Stilger from NewStories shares his experience of developing Futures Centres in Japan over the past two years.

“It has been almost two years since the triple disasters of March 11th in NE Japan. The emergency phase is mostly complete. The big questions are about what comes next. Throughout the region there’s a sense of creating a new future, together. But how? I’ve been working these last two years with a wide web of people who are asking this  question. They are from the region and from outside the region. They are men and women. They are from every generation. They come from many different sectors. From these diverse perspectives, a new region and a new Japan will be created. This paper shares a few ideas that have been emerging from this work. Most likely they will be expanded on in a book that weaves together stories and ideas about how change happens.” Continue to read the full article (pdf) here.


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