The Sustainability Transitions Research Network

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The Sustainability Transitions Research Network (STRN) goal is to:

  • to provide a meeting place for the international  and multi-disciplinary community of scholars working in the field of sustainability transitions;
  • to deepen the scientific understanding of sustainability transitions through a program of networking, research coordination and synthesis activities;
  • to be a leading resource for practitioners such as actors in the arenas of policy making, civil society, and business who are working to advance societies into more sustainable directions.

STRN is a wholly independent research-driven network governed by a steering group composed of leading researchers in the field. Membership of the STRN is open to anyone who is interested in research on sustainability transitions. The network aims to provide a space where researchers can engage in a vibrant intellectual exchange on the challenges of sustainability and find help and support in accessing resources, research topics and audiences for their work.


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