Societal innovation as collective learning opportunity

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Tatiana Glad from the Hub Amsterdam recently interviewed Hank Kune from Educore for the Hub Amsterdam blog. In it Hank makes the case for societal innovation and a culture of proto-typing in policy making. Below a fragment from the interview and you can read the full interview here (pdf).

“In our Societal Innovation Camp last summer in Finland we looked at what an inclusive innovative city is. We worked with challenges that cities brought in from different perspectives and different countries, and asked ourselves: How do you create an innovation culture that is all pervasive? One that is not only a hobby of an educated elite or enlightened academics, but one that includes everyone… seniors, immigrants, children, shopkeepers, taxi drivers, politicians, teachers. What does it mean to live in an innovative society? We learned it is not only about creating innovations but also actively accepting them into our lives – also the prototypes, which still need more testing. Can we accept that not everything our governments or businesses or universities do is necessarily going to be a success, especially the first time? Perhaps the process of trying out and improving prototypes adds more value to our lives than simply consuming ready-mades some ‘experts’ have decided we need, be they products or policies.”


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