Social Innovation Lab Minnesota

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The Social Innovation Lab started in 2012 as an initiative of InCommons at the Bush Foundation.Three lab events were held in 2012, each with a different theme, but all of them focused on the following overall goal and strategies:

The overall goal of the Labs is to:
Cultivate a thriving ecosystem for social innovation in Minnesota that works across differences and collaborates between innovative projects. This ecosystem, it members and the collective whole, creates more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive communities.

Strategies to accomplish that goal:
1. Learn new tools and ways of seeing things
2. Advance innovative projects
3. Connect with other change makers

Simple rules for doing a lab:
1. Connect with other community change makers (keep it real & cut some slack)
2. Learn new tools and ways of seeing things
3. Advance innovative projects
4. Collide with different perspectives to seek unexpected sparks
5. Build sustainable and inclusive communities
6. Close gaps (acknowledge structural dynamics & cultural beliefs that manifest as persistent gaps in well-being and act in ways that close those gaps)


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