Participle: addressing the big social issues of our time

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Participle sees a need for a new settlement between individuals, communities and government – new ways for people to get involved in determining their lives in a meaningful way, new approaches that mean some people do not get stuck at the bottom of the heap for generations and new bonds that mean people can flourish and bring their dreams alive. 

What matters is not just ideas, but real change on the ground, in communities.

On an everyday level this means public service reform – this is where the opportunities lie, to build something different.

Participle’s vision is radical: public services which offer all citizens a fair chance to realise their potential. For citizens to have this chance, it is not enough for society to present them merely with opportunities. There must be a shared commitment to developing citizens’ capabilities, so that all can acquire the skills necessary to seize and shape opportunities.

Particle does two things: Firstly, bring together the widespread community level ideas and creative activity, and mix it with world-leading experts in any given field; Secondly, drive forward thoughts and actions around developing a new social settlement which can deal with the big social issues of our time.


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