An accelerator for entrepreneurs that drive sustainability in the seafood supply chain.

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Future of Fish (FoF) is a nonprofit accelerator for entrepreneurs launching market-based initiatives that drive sustainability, efficiency, and traceability in the seafood supply chain. They focus specifically on industry pioneers whose planned initiatives are directly aligned with our mission and whose ideas are considered too nascent to secure traditional financing without the additional strategic and operational support we provide.

Amplification Through Cohorts
Future of Fish’s approach to system change is to help develop and support leaders working to address multiple breakdowns in the system. Thy cluster our entrepreneurs and partners into cohorts and lead them through a process of not only growing their own ideas, but also amplifying the success of others in the group. By choosing players that represent all levels in the seafood supply chain, they are able to foster greater change than any one individual or organization could accomplish alone.

FoF’s first cohort convened in July 2010 and we are working with these partners to demonstrate how changes in the supply chain can drive true sustainability. If you’re interested in Future of Fish check out their website here


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