Aalto Camp for Societal Innovation

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ACSI is an action-learning camp addressing societal concerns in a new and highly effective manner: it initiates a continuing process empowering people and organizations to think and act in concert, creating shared understanding of how opportunities for societal innovation emerge, and how to use them constructively in business and research.  At the same time participants apply innovation skills to address challenging real-life issues.


ACSI Principles

 ACSI aims to

  1. Proactively drive societal innovation drive reflecting global awareness
  2. Enrich collaborative opportunities for all stakeholders through powerful trans-disciplinary conversations
  3. Make constructive change for real initiatives
  4. Continually scale up successful systemic deliverables
  5. Move quickly from output, through outcomes, to lasting impact in society
  6. Develop an innovation ecosystem which works through visualization, virtualization and rapid prototyping

 ACSI achieves this by

  1. Collaborating and co-creating for open, systemic and sustainable innovation
  2. Providing a fail-safe and energizing environment for creating real opportunities
  3. Building capacity and confidence for meaningful rule breaking
  4. Non directive facilitation and support to reveal full potential

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